What is Giniling?

Giniling is the Tagalog term for ‘ground meat’. It ‘s one of the simplest Filipino dish , yet is bursting withbeautiful pinoy flavors. It’s their ultimate comfort food that they grew up eating for weeknight meal orsharing with large crowd during special celebration times. Like menudo and asado , giniling is also a tomato based stew, one of Spain’s legacy […]

Easy Pancit Bihon

Pancit Bihon is not only is it delicious but it only take 25 minute to cook it. You can choose, you prefer rice or noodle? I like absolutely both , but if really want me to choose then i will always love rice . Egg noodle , soba noodle , udon noodle , lo mein , zoodles , wide chow […]

What Is Pandesal Pinoy Bread?

Pandesal bread is largely made use of wheat grew in popularity. Commercial yeast , canned dairy , and baking pan also became cheaper to produce . This only helped increase the demand for pandesal. However , it also evolved from a bread that was present in the country before the American colonization. But it is comparably le of a household […]

Pinoy Champorado

Champorado is a great dish which serve with a caring and giving spirit. One of my best memories was the weekend when made a large portion of champorado and deliver it to each of my sibling’s household. Champorado is best for breakfast. It is best to use full cream milk instead of condensed milk. Lot of people love these combination. […]