What is Giniling?

What is Giniling?

Giniling is the Tagalog term for ‘ground meat’. It ‘s one of the simplest Filipino dish , yet is bursting with
beautiful pinoy flavors. It’s their ultimate comfort food that they grew up eating for weeknight meal or
sharing with large crowd during special celebration times. Like menudo and asado , giniling is also a tomato based stew, one of Spain’s legacy to its colony. The sautéing of onion , garlic and tomato in oil is similar to the preparation of sofrito in Spanish culture. Traditionally, giniling is made with ground pork , but many love to make it with ground beef.

Ground pork along with load of veggie is simmered in a delicious tomato based sauce until all the flavor
mingle together to create an amazingly delicious dish. Many prefer the addition of raisin or even pineapple bit to add sweetness to the concoction. It’s very similar to the Spanish version, except it has Asian staple like soy sauce and fish sauce and it excludes the green olive and caper you find in some Caribbean countries. It’s almost always served with hard boiled egg.