What’s a Sari-Sari Store in Philippines?

What’s a Sari-Sari Store in Philippines?

A sari-sari store is a small neighborhood retail shop that caters to member of that community needs. Every sari-sari store may offer similar product , but the stocks of product carried will always be a varied .Sari-sari store nowadays also can buy prepaid mobile loading station.

Sari-sari store are owned and operated by a family member whose sole purpose is to produce income for their family. Most sari-sari store are family business operated.

The best thing about the sari-sari store is the ability of people to buy per piece. Sari-sari store are the only place where you can buy a piece of candy or a stick of cigarette instead of having to buy a whole box of it. Prices are very affordable than convenience store because operating from the owner’s own house .

The store owner becomes a important part of the community area. These store also become a gathering place chatting and small meet ups and a good place to find people. If the particular store that sells everyday consumer goods, chances are people will flock to the store every day , making it ideal for anyone to know and meet and find people. It’s this combination of convenience and community service that separate sari-sari store from convenience store like 7-11 and Ministop. Profit not much, since the owners are mostly housewife without any other commitments.