Philippine Incubators and Accelerators For Tech Company Startups

Philippine Incubators and Accelerators For Tech Company Startups

While the two type of startup supporters helping entrepreneur to get their foot on the ground. Overal, incubators help grow a startup in a baby stage and once the startup is ready to stand on its own two feet the accelerator comes in to propel the company toward rapid growth. Below are some incubators in Philippines with some success stories:

AIM-Dado Banatao Incubator
With the guidance of Dado Banatao a leading Filipino tech entrepreneur and a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, AIM-Dado Banatao Incubator help grow progressive and out-of-the-box startup like Antipara , Futuristic Aviation and Maritime Enterprises , Invester , Payruler , and PodX Technologies.

Startup Village
This incubator and accelerator function under the principle that it take a village to build a startup. The incubator has supported a number of startup like Mobkard , Freyo , Wagtails , Oopa , and Appload.

QBO is a holistic incubator in the Philippines that guide startup from entry to exit. Some of it most notable startup include Investagrams , OneWatt , MAD Travel , Senti , and Cropital.

Ideaspace Foundation
Backed up by Smart Communications and this incubator and accelerator has invested in 74 tech startup since it was founded in 2012 . Ideaspace has a number of notable program partner , such a Amazon Web Services , Microsoft , and the Asian Institute of Management.

Impact Hub Manila
Impact Hub Manila is part of the greater Impact Hub community of incubator and accelerator around the world that have supported hundred of startup .