5 Small Business Ideas To Do In Philippines

5 Small Business Ideas To Do In Philippines

Selling gadjets
Filipinos love to go after the latest in tech devices and that is the reason smartphones, tablet and even computers and other accessory sell like hot cake . If you find a tech supplier who can import high quality tech device to Philippines then you should grab into the opportunity to become their sub-supplier or dropship.

Become a online tutor and coach
With in-person class being very difficult during quarantine period, online class with student have become a suitable option for teacher and coach to conduct everywhere and anytime.It’ll take some time getting used to teaching class online but it is a good way to earn during this lockdown . You can give voice lesson , teach math , or host dance class for student all over the country if you have a good Internet connection for this kinda of business . ‘

Selling ready-made meals
It’s another technique to selling sweet and ready made meals online. Selling ready-made meal has helped restaurant having good sales over the pendemic period . Without the online technology, many restaurant would’ve struggled and end up closing down during the lockdown.Try selling these catering platter and ready-made meal and it is worth the effort.

Content writing
Another way to earn extra cash is to work as a remote content writer or transcriber. If you have excellent auditory skill or are good with writing words then these are great ways with which you can earn from your own home.Usually companies will post on remote job website to find and hire writer and transcriber .

Selling off your used and vintage items
One simple business idea for student and other casual wage-earners is to sell your used or vintage item . It’s a fantastic way to clear out your old thing and unwanted stuff. Fastest way is to check out any closet for any clothes not worn in a while.Selling used item and vintage item are quick and easy way to earn extra while you’ re stuck at home.