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Few Tips for Ukay Ukay Business

Few Tips for Ukay Ukay Business

Below are some important tips and guide for newbies who wanna start Ukay Ukay business at Philippines.


Ukay Ukay shirts and blouse at Metro Manila are usually priced at Php75 which is very affordable. Even with a discount, entrepreneur can still earn from a sale because of low initial. Whether sold for a 3 with 100 bargain , the entrepreneur can still profit and expect a return of investment per piece of clothing.


From a customer’s point of view , the more ukay-ukay store in an area , the more convenient shopping will get. The more visible a store is , more customers will get visited by the area. Most of the customers for ukay-ukay store are nearby resident and commuter station . Professionals and employee who are not rushing to go home may suddenly want to go to the ukay-ukay for a few minute, especially break time.

Where to get a supplier

Ukay-ukay supplier from the internet and are known by the close circle of entrepreneur who are already into the business . Pinoy Money Talk forum has a thread on ukay-ukay supplier a well a feedback by the members. If you don’t want to deal with a supplier , you can get your stock from many ukay-ukay bagsakan (depot) for example Bambang market in Manila where seller in wholesale and retail can be reach out there.


The ukay business is a business that requires your whole , undivided attention it is not a business for entrepreneur who aren’t into people , fashion and who aren’t flexible enough to adjust in a volatile market.