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5 Wonderful Ukay-Ukay Shops Where You Can Buy Branded Products Too

5 Wonderful Ukay-Ukay Shops Where You Can Buy Branded Products Too

There are study supporting the theory that being dressed to the nine can help with a person’s overall mood and disposition. However high-quality branded clothes do come with a heavy price tag and can your wallet empty pretty fast . While these place might seem like an unreachable shopper’s utopia, some of them could actually be found right here in the metro. Below are the five best shops ukay-ukay in Manila and where you’ll get branded clothes and item too.

Starmall Alabang

Being at the center of the largest area in Muntinlupa City and also Muntinlupa’s second district , the town of Alabang is continuing to transform it landscape and thrive . As one of the biggest shopping hub in the New South , StarmallAlabang ha seen a major , multi million peso renovation and ha been refreshed with new anchor store , digital cinema , refurbished entertainment area and a gleaming , more spacious open retail layout.

Makati Cinema Square

Makati Cinema Square had all the making of a “ghost mall” with it bad maintenance . Its four cineplexes — the first in Makati — that opened in September 1981 haven’t operated for decade. The mall opened in April 1982 and withstood the decline of retail shopping and dwindling cinema goer to the bigger , glossier supermalls nearby . Retro mall architecture from it heyday is replaced by plain , boxy wraparound exterior cladding in color-blocks of gray , blue and red . ‘

Anonas Mall

Anonas Ukay-Ukay is a 4-story Ukay-ukay haven consisting of around 15 store that you can check out.The price of the item are either so low or too high . Actually each store got a different pricing starting from 100 up to a more outrageous price of Php 3000 and up.

Ukay-Ukay Wagwagan, Pasay

This is one of the branch of Ukay Ukay Wagwagan , they also have a branch at Makati Cinema Square.Like their branch in Makati , Ukay Ukay Wagwagan at Pasay Rotonda have great item on sale . Their clothes even go down to Php 10.00 a few day before they sell again their new arrivals.It is also comfortable to shop here becuase it is airconditioned and shop attendant are very friendly and unlike the one at Makati Cinema Square.

Raberly Ukay Center

Raberly Pasay is our first ukay shop from Pasay Rotonda . The first floor house the clothes , while the second floor house the shoe and bag . It look huge from the outside but really it not big.Clothes are good , shoe are great but it is too expensive ! I usually wait come sale time because i’m really not willing to spend that much on second hand shoes.All in all it is still worth checking out because they have great stuff , the place is airconditioned , and there are several other ukay shop in the area.