What’s a Sari-Sari Store in Philippines?

A sari-sari store is a small neighborhood retail shop that caters to member of that community needs. Every sari-sari store may offer similar product , but the stocks of product carried will always be a varied .Sari-sari store nowadays also can buy prepaid mobile loading station. Sari-sari store are owned and operated by a family member whose sole purpose is […]

Pinoy Champorado

Champorado is a great dish which serve with a caring and giving spirit. One of my best memories was the weekend when made a large portion of champorado and deliver it to each of my sibling’s household. Champorado is best for breakfast. It is best to use full cream milk instead of condensed milk. Lot of people love these combination. […]

The Tasty Chicharon In Philippines

This chicharon snack is largely influenced by the Spaniards and Filipinos love this snack a lot. They love to eat chicharon with spicy vinegar. Filipinos also use it as a addon to many dishes such as monggo soup, pancit, and many more. Chicharon is favourite snack in the Philippines , yet it is considered a power snack if eaten too […]

5 Small Business Ideas To Do In Philippines

Selling gadjetsFilipinos love to go after the latest in tech devices and that is the reason smartphones, tablet and even computers and other accessory sell like hot cake . If you find a tech supplier who can import high quality tech device to Philippines then you should grab into the opportunity to become their sub-supplier or dropship. Become a online […]

Few Tips for Ukay Ukay Business

Below are some important tips and guide for newbies who wanna start Ukay Ukay business at Philippines. Pricing Ukay Ukay shirts and blouse at Metro Manila are usually priced at Php75 which is very affordable. Even with a discount, entrepreneur can still earn from a sale because of low initial. Whether sold for a 3 with 100 bargain , the […]